Monday, April 1, 2013

Autism Link Up

The month of April is National Autism Awareness Month. One of my favorite bloggers, Danielle from Crayonbox Learning,  is hosting an Autism Linky Party to help support our fellow teachers with activities and lessons for our Autistic students. 

Here are some facts from Autism Speaks.  
You will stop in your tracks and think about what this means for your own kids and your students.
While these facts surprised me when I began teaching 10 years ago, today I find it sad that we are still so far from where we need to be for these children.
Currently, Autism affects 1 in 88 children. For boys, the numbers are 1 in 54. The diagnosis of children with Autism grows every year, around the world. It is currently the fastest growing developmental disability with less funding than other childhood diseases. There is no cure, and there are no tests available to detect if a child will have Autism.  
As teachers, it is more than likely you have or will have an Autistic student. While many of the activities and lessons that one normally teaches are completely appropriate for an Autistic student; there are times when we need certain materials to support specific skills. We have all created something that will help support those students. 
I have created a visual discrimination Match Up! for you. Please feel free to share and pin! Just click the picture below to download, but make sure you read on! There is more...
Danielle, at Crayonbox Learning, is having a give-away for some amazing TPT products, as well as books, to support our students with Autism. Click on the puzzle pieces to head over and enter for your chance to win. You'll also find the link-ups to all of the participating bloggers! 

You are welcome to join the Autism Linky party, but you MUST have an Autism-friendly freebie on your blog post, AND the Autism Linky party graphic linked back to Crayonbox Learning, URL

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  1. Adorable free resource! The graphics are so cute and the idea simple, but effective - exactly what my student needs. Thanks so much!

    Wendy :)

  2. I am a huge supporter for any Autism Awareness Projects. I also linked up and cannot say how happy I am to give away freebies for such a good cause. I am so glad I saw your blog through this LINKY, you have some great resources. I am your newest follower! Check out and comment on my blog, I'd appreciate any feedback!

    The Adventures of Room 83


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