Sunday, April 7, 2013

Product Swap S'More

Do you ever get tired of the same old lessons? I seem to have this problem when holidays come around. I rarely want to use what I have used in years passed. This year was no exception. Especially Easter; I still have not wrapped my brain around the idea that I am allowed to celebrate Easter in my class. While I did have to keep the celebration low-key, I still wanted to share some Easter spirit with my class. But then came the question, what would I do? 
Then I remembered my bloggy buddies and I decided we would swap some products this month. So off I went to window shop at Teach With Laughter and picked this great resource out! 


  1. Samantha,

    Could you explain how to join in to this S'More Linky? I'd like to try it out but not sure where to start.

    ps.... I see that you went to NSU. I got my Master's (online) from there!

  2. Thank you Samantha for using and recommending my resource! Bunny Trouble is one of my favorite springtime reads. I'm glad that both you and your students enjoyed it!
    Teach With Laughter


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