Sunday, July 24, 2011

Busy Week!

This is what my classroom looked like when I arrived earlier this week...What a mess! FYI- this is not how I packed my room up...this is what happens when the cleaning crew comes through and really, actually cleans! So thankful my room got a great cleaning...not so thankful for the mess...=)
Where to start???

After moving furniture around, I was able to make an area
to get busy painting! One of my past students came to help me, and we got four bookcases painted. I got some things moved back into place as the paint was drying...
and here is where we left off on day one... My small group table and teacher bookshelf back in place. The long blue bookshelf off to the side is the student library area. Soon those shelves will be full again!

This is the front of my room, with the love of my life...SMARTboard....(don't mind the book baskets stacked on the floor...there is some organizing to be done there!)

This is a shot of the classroom from the front door. as you can see, it is a work in progress!

Today we moved onto a DIY project that I saw on What the Teacher Wants....

Love them! Sorry about the camera! I will post better pictures tomorrow. This was such a quick and easy project! The most exciting part is the kids can sit on them and I can use them for storage at the same time...Brilliant idea whoever thought of it!

More follow-up pictures Back to the Classroom.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

b and d reversals

Earlier today, I had a chat with a friend about her sons letter reversals. Then tonight, I found over on Frogtastic first graders, Jen blogged about teaching b and d reversals. So I thought Id share what I use in my classroom. Its pretty simple and basic. I have these cute little b sees d signs I place around the room wherever kids might need them. I also made smaller ones to tape to their desktags, and around the reading table. My kids usually get pretty skilled at using them for a reference when writing. Cheap, and easy, no mess, no fuss, and always where the kids need them!

b sees d

Wow! 21 Followers and a Short A Freebie!

Wow~ so excited to have 21 followers! I have been visiting with my family and staying very busy! I haven't given school stuff a whole lot of thought...other than shopping! =)

But here is a quick short vowel a word building activity. Hope you all can use it!

School DIno Short a Word Building1 -
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