Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ipad Gripcase

 I bought an ipad to use for assessments this year. I am addicted to it. I do all my running records on it. I found this great app, Running Records Calculator by Von Bruno.
I press start, and it records the student reading. (It only holds one recording- there is no way to save more than one. =() Then when the reading is done, I enter in the number of words read and the errors made. 
The app provides the time, words per minute, accuracy percentage, and self-correction rate. I can playback the recording so the students can hear themselves reading. We talk about what they notice about their reading. I just realized I can email myself their recording and when they read for me again, we can listen and compare the recordings! 
You might be wondering what is surrounding the ipad...
Have you heard of Gripcase? Well, they make this AH-MAZING ipad case. I think the thing is indestructible! A lovely lady named Kelly, sent me one to use in my classroom. Can you say THANKFUL?But I have been scared to death, a nervous wreck, overprotective of my ipad. I have been so afraid the kids would break it. But check this out...Kelly sent me the case and the stand! I am IN-LOVE....
Now this boy uses the ipad a few times a week for extra skill practice. Before the Gripcase, he had to sit at a table with me to use it. Now...
I can leave him alone with it...and not have a panic attack
I even got really gutsy this week. (And if you know me at all, you know I am a control freak and overprotective of my electronics...)
 I even let him turn it...
and record other kids reading outside. 
Now I have not let him drop it or throw it around. I'm not that crazy. (Kelly says they can and the ipad will be perfectly safe.)
But head on over and watch this man do just that, and still have a perfect ipad! 
Now I am off to find some funding for ipads, 
now that I know there is a case to keep them safe!

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  1. I am about to get a class set of iPads. I consider a good case a necessary accessory. Thank you for writing about the grip case. It may just be the case I need!

    Forever A Teacher, Forever A Learner


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