Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Main Idea

Last week, we spent a lot of time on Main Idea. My class needed some practice with sorting and classifying before I could begin to introduce the main idea.

So I began by placing several objects in a bag. I took the items out one by one and asked my students to think about how the items went together. The first bag were tools for cleaning your teeth. Then we discussed how they went together and what their purpose was. I then introduced the term main topic. 
I had the students break into groups and gave them pictures of other items. Each group discussed and came up with a main topic. 
The next day, I reviewed the term main topic and introduced the main idea. (Pardon the yellow scribble on the bottom. I had a toddler coloring during a parent conference.)
I read a book about frogs to the class. We discussed that the book was about frogs (main topic). Then we talked about what the author wanted us to learn, the life cycle of the frog, (main idea). I modeled placing the information on the circle map. Students copied the main topic and main idea onto their circle maps.
The following day, I introduced details. I drew the details onto a circle map. The students drew 4 details from the book on the main idea circle map.
The students labeled or wrote sentences to explain their detail drawings. I used partners to have them explain the main topic, maid idea, and details. 
On Thursday, I placed one set of pictures in the pocket chart. Students brainstormed the main topic. Then they created a main idea. Students wrote their responses on a new circle map. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture!)
For my students who needed more assistance with main idea, they glued pictures of the details on the circle map.

The following week began with a review of main topic and main idea. I placed a main topic and main idea card in the pocket chart. The students discussed which was the main topic and main idea. (Details were added later in the week.)
Then I gave the students a main topic and a main idea. They had to discuss and decide which was which. I modeled for them how to complete the main idea web.
The students worked in groups to complete their webs. 

The students drew 4 details to match the main idea on the main idea web. 
The next day, the students labeled or wrote sentences to explain their detail drawings. I used partners to have them explain the main topic, maid idea, and details. 
For the final activity of the week, I modeled for students how to sort the main topic, main idea, and details into an organized manor. Students worked in pairs to sort and label their activity. 
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  1. Thank you so much for your post! This just helped me write a week full of great lesson plans for main idea. I was stuck on it until I discovered your post. Thank you so much! As a beginning teacher sometimes it's tricky. I appreciate a helpful blog like yours.
    Sam C.


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