Saturday, April 21, 2012

Making Predictions

Hi there! I was a guest blogger over at Kindergarten Lifestyles this week.
Here's the post in case you missed it!
If your class is anything like mine, we spend a lot of time making predictions. I thought I'd share what I do with my students. 
In my room, I keep my comprehension anchor charts displayed in the library area for the students to use for reference. This is the one I made for making predictions. The original idea came from The Inspired Apple.  (Abby has some amazing ideas!)
It will be made its way to my whole group area as we reviewed the skill this week. 
After reviewing what a prediction is and the different language used, I modeled  for the students how to make a prediction. I use 2 or 3 different photos to model making predictions. Then I show the students several pictures and have them make predictions about what they think is going to happen. 
This week I used this book.  My kids love Mo Willems!
After reading the bus driver's message, I asked the students to make predictions.
They recorder a picture and sentence on this recording sheet. 
After the students shared their predictions.  (I forgot to take pictures! ugh...) I continued reading the story, stopping throughout for the students to confirm their predictions or explain how their thinking about their prediction had changed. There are several different sheets I created for making predictions. You can find them at TPT if you are interested. As we progress through the skill. I use different response forms. My goal is for the students to make an original prediction and then stop throughout the story to think about their thinking. I want them to be able to realize and understand how their thinking has changed when reading. So that's how I teach making predictions. How bout you? I'd love to hear how you teach it!

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    PS- love that prediction page. My kiddos did it last month for "I Know a Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick". It was fun! :)


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