Saturday, October 29, 2011

Making Predictions

I cannot believe we are at the end of October already! To celebrate 45 days complete in the school year..I am having a sale at Teacher's Notebook! Everything in my shop is 20% off...including my new mini-unit on making predictions.

Over the next 2 weeks, my students will be learning about making predictions. I have found with this particular bunch of students, the more pre-reading thinking and writing they do, the more concrete it becomes for them. They really struggle with comprehension. Is it just my class or do we have a whole generation of students who cannot think without guidance? They seem to want every answer given to them and if by chance they actually have a thought...they give me this pleading look of "I'm not really sure...but can you tell me if it's the RIGHT answer?" While they are as sweet as can be, I have a loooooonnnnnngggggg way to go with creating thinkers in my class.

Here is a sample from the Making Predictions mini-unit, which is 20% off in my Teacher's Notebook store!

Predictions Sample


  1. Samantha...did you know you made my day? When you said I was funny like Kristin...I almost died! She is like my blogging Brittney Spears (before the whole "I'm crazy and I am gonna'shave my head epidsode...more like..the "hit me baby one more time Brittney"....anyways...I wanna' be like her when I grow up here in Blogland. I know you said you are a newbie too but I don't see it! Your blog looks amazing and I am following you!

    2nd Grade Paradise

  2. I gave you the Sunshine Award! Come by and check it out!


  3. Very happy that I found your blog through Stacy's blog!! I love all of the Dr. Suess! I'm your newest follower! :)

    Classroom Confetti


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