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Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm Back with a Great Surprise!

Hello friends! It's been a long time. Who knew this little cutie would rule my world? Not wanting to miss a moment as a baby, turned into not wanting to miss a moment as she grew into a toddler. I cannot believe she will be two in just a few months! 
I promised myself at the end of the last school year, I would get back to blogging. But I was having so much fun with my munchkin, the summer flew passed. And guess what? I still wasn't blogging. 
Now that the school year is in high gear, and I am starting to get my witts about my new normal, I *think* I may just be ready to get back to blogging! I miss it. I miss sharing ideas with other teachers. I miss documenting my teaching journey. 
So, when Classroom Friendly Supplies contacted me to introduce their new color, my favorite color, I decided it was time to jump back in! 
When this little package arrived, I was over the moon! It is the perfect shade of purple!
Not only is it so very purple, it is just the right size. It is also still oh-so quiet!  It was so easy to assemble. 
Two parts really, is all it has to put together. 
I mounted mine on a desk. 
Another plus to this sharpener, is it's skill to sharpener. 
This is the before pencil....
This is the after pencil...Look at that point! What teacher doesn't love a great point?
Another great benefit is my students can use it. No more worrying about replacing the expensive electric sharpeners they somehow always seem to break. I never understand how, but they always do. I guess it's a kid thing. =) 
I love that it doesn't allow for the kids to push the pencil too far in and the noise and feel changes when the pencil is sharpened. 
So if you are in need of a PURPLE, quiet pencil sharpener, head on over to Classroom Friendly Supplies to order one!

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