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Friday, August 19, 2011

Whew! I am DONE!

It has been a LONG 2 weeks...but my room is finally done! My fabulous sisters and my nieces came and did LOTS of help! I never would have finished if they hadn't helped. I must say, I think my room came out pretty good! And I must give credit where credit is due, as there are LOTS of things in my room that came from other bloggers...craft projects, wall displays, etc. You all are a great inspiration and have reminded me why I love teaching and how my kids deserve the best! You will see lots of links to other bloggers where ideas were inspired, begged, borrowed, stolen, and some tweaks!

And now for the pictures....

The view from the door....

You can see The Pledge of Allegiance from Kristen, at Ladybug's Teacher Files
Love her stuff! So cute and she makes AMAZING stuff...including this blog template!

Here is the calendar math wall. These great cards were created by Lindsay and Kerri at teachersbitsandbobs. Then there is my SMARTboard!! Love that tool!

This is my computer center. Student work will be posted on the wall behind it.

Then there is this new addition this year...Bucket Filling...also inspired by Mel at Oh, the Places We'll Go. She had these fantastic signs to go on the wall! Love it! I have had so many questions and compliments about it...all thanks to her!!!! Underneath the board, is my writing station.

The library.... you can see more here....back in the classroom.

This is my comprehension tool board...the original file was purchased from Amanda at One Extra Degree. I added some boarder and tweaked it for my needs. Loved her posters! I painted clothespins orange and hot glued them to the board, so I could put the strategy posters up and take them down when I need to! I also hot glued some tools on the board. I have a toolbox with the toy tools and they have labels as to their strategy. Go give her some kuddos and purchase your own set of posters!!!

This is my math manipulatives station. There is another cubbie shelf you can't see...I think I may have too many (and I gave away ALOT)! The picture on the right is another student work display on the cabinets which line the back of the room.

This is the wall in the library...the chart is for recording AR quizzes...and Our Book List will be for recommendations. Our Book List came from Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files.

FACE of a Reader board for comprehension strategies...header cards were purchased from Mrs. Balbaugh. She has a great packet for CAFE and Daily 5. The picture on the right is reading strategies from Jena at First Grade with Miss Snowden. I printed them smaller and added a border around them. They are too cute!!

Here is my small group area and teacher stuff...I don't use a desk. Also, my summer project...binders FULL of all the great things teacher bloggers share!!!!

On the top, you can see my pintrest inspired crayon box and pen cup.

Whew!!! I think that is it!!! Kids on Monday and I am so excited to start fresh and renewed!!

I kinda LOVE my classroom...I could almost live there...what do YOU think?

Link up with TBA!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top Ten Reasons You Know It's Back to School Time

I know I am breaking the blogging rules by posting twice in one day...but I stumbled across Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits and she is having a linky party...Top Ten Reasons You Know It Is Back To School Time. I just HAVE to join!

10. No more flip feet are killing me just thinking about heels, closed-toed shoes, and again, NO flip flops..=( (Hear me crying???)

9. I have been randomly saying "Ms. Beattie like Katie" over and over in my head, so when I get called "Ms. Batty" my response will be on automatic pilot.

8. I am on my 3rd, yes, 3rd color ink cartridge this week...and I have to STOP with the "..." that could be a bad habit I pass on to my kids!

7. I have no fingernails left from hanging things in my classroom, then taking them down, and rehanging them the EXACT same way, some place else!

6. My daily to do list no longer consists of nothing...instead it just keeps getting longer!

5. I am already missing the freedom of going to the bathroom whenever I want...

4. There is no gum in my purse...sigh...This is HUGE for me...I am having withdrawals!

3. I can no longer see the dinner stuff has taken over!

2. I have spent more money on my classroom than should be allowed...It should be illegal for teachers to shop...just sayin'...have you seen my table tops in the classroom? Target, Wal-Mart, and Dollar Tree are NOT a teacher's BFF...I think we need a 12 step program for this....

1. My family is headed for a visit...well, not a visit...but an emotional, physical, and classroom support system! Their save this teacher from the looney bin this week and to stop as many meltdowns as crunch time is coming!

What are your top ten reasons? Link up!
Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

Friday, August 5, 2011

Back into the Classroom

Another day spent in the classroom...The first day back was spent cleaning and arranging furniture. Then I spent almost 8, yes that is 8, hours labeling and leveling the library!

Today I at least felt more productive...I got my  themed clip chart up and ready to go! Just need to finish off the clothespins tonight.

I finished up the library with basket labels and putting out my new *blue* book boxes! Love them! I have to say, the library is almost done with the exception of the furniture. I am still working on a plan for that. (Ignore the mess on the floor...working on those piles too!) Oh, and there's still the Library Thing project...but more about that on a later post!

On the back cabinets, I added border and Cat in the Hat clothespins to display student work.

I think I left several incomplete projects scattered about my room. The jobs board, calendar math, CAFE board, and word wall are all about half-way done....I seem to like to stop half-way through each project! =) The rest of the room is a mess..piles everywhere. Slowly...I'll get there! So how are your rooms coming along??? I'd love to see some pictures!

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