Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Product Swap S'More #2

We are linking up again to share with you some great TPT products. 
I am back today to share with you an AH-MAZING resource from Miss DeCarbo
Sugar and Spice
It really is truly amazing! After just 6 weeks of instruction, two of my students are recognizing sight words and really reading with very little problems! How I wish I had had this product back in September...

First let me say, I teach several English Language Learners. Two of the students featured spoke little to no English back in November when they entered my classroom. We spent the better part of the school year learning English and then letters and sounds. They have just begun to really put the reading pieces together in the past 6 weeks. 
Using the Sight Word Fluency Builders is very easy to prep for your students. The set includes 34 fluency builders targeting 3 sight words per builder. Each builder incorporates word reading, phrase/sentence reading, and comprehension through illustration. I know we all LOVE assessments, which are include both in a pre and post assessment form. It also includes flashcards for the 100 sight words. 
Over the last 6 weeks, I have used 2 builders a week with my ELL students. On Monday, I introduce the 3 sight words with the flashcards. We practice reading, spelling, and copying the sight words. Then I give them the fluency builder. First, we talk about the word- how many letters, what vowels, etc. Then they complete the word hunt box by highlighting the word as it is read. They practice one word at a time.
Next, we choral read the phrases/sentences. The students then read for independent practice. At this time, this group of students needs to track their print. 
After their first practice session, they color in the smiley face.
On Tuesday, we review the word hunt box. By now, my students know after we review the box, they need to color-code the words in the sentences. 
Then they get right to reading! 
For the second read, I have them read to the group. 
I love how she self-corrects on to in. She also knew exactly where to go when I asked her to go back and reread because she missed a word. I also asked her to highlight the word "in" because she swapped it for "on." 
I am so proud of these two, as they have come so far! 
After they read to the group, I have them read it to me again. 
The final step is to illustrate the sentence.
I start the next fluency builder on Wednesday and continue on Thursday  On Fridays, they practice both builders again. They also go on a word hunt to find the sight words in text. 
My students keep their fluency builders in a folder. The folder is then placed in their book box. They love to go back and reread the past lessons.

Kuddos to Miss DeCarbo at Sugar & Spice for such a fantastic resource!
I promise, this is one resource you need to have if you teach kindergarten or first grade.

Head on over to Miss DeCarbo to see her product review! Follow the linky to see the other great products we are showcasing this week.
Sugar and Spice


  1. I LOVE Christina's fluency builders! I use them in my classroom and both the students and I love them :)

  2. Thanks for organizing this blog swap. I will be headed over to Christina's store to take a look at purchasing the product to use the last few weeks of school. It should also be great for Summer School!
    Thanks for sharing!
    The Fun Factory

  3. Love those Fluency Builders of Christina's! Such an effective way to build up those struggling readers and turn them into great readers! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. This is such a great review. I liked how you showed the student's progress, and the videos too! Christina's Fluency Builders are a hit! :) Thank you for putting together this product swap!

    Crayonbox Learning

  5. Thanks for sharing this great prevention/intervention resource! Angie


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